RIM's Legal Strategy Over Samsung's BlackJack Is A Bust

Any help would be really appreciated. Phone s Button Difficult to Press? The next one could be even closer and just spun to be a derivative of BlackJack. Start a new discussion instead. Log in or Sign up.

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This last is probably due to the power hungry 3G network that is used for data, although it does provide for high speed data downloads. With advanced PDA features, excellent keyboard and messaging capabilities and solid battery life the Blackjack II should be on the short list of anyone looking for a budget smart phone.

Tagged with blackberry , blackjack , Smartphone. Subscribe to comments with RSS. This device is wonderful once you get all the functions down. It can get expensive real quick with all the options the phone has. GPS, Windows, express mail, email, texting, and on and on! Camera feature is a bit under par. It is perfect for those that are not quite so interested in music and video, but it does have both of those.

Still beats the iPhone as far as cost. Not too bad if you ask me. The only down side to the BJ that I've read is the short battery life. Features I really need are Phone, PDA info access while using phone and then occasional use of e-mail for sharing school files. IF anyone has a different alternate suggestions based on my stated needs I'm open to that also And from what I hear the moble verssion is not stable.

From the looks of it, its running WM5 smartphone edition which is the same as the Q, and if thats the case, no you WON'T be able to edit any type of documents, only read unless you get 3rd party apps. Again, if its running WM5, you will most likely run into the same type of problems that I have run into using the Treo W and the Q in the past, which is memory leaks, daily resets, instability.

But if you can live with that the multimedia features are def. It all depends on what you want to use it for. After using WM5 for over a year, it is such a nice change to have a stable OS with no crashes or freezes, no slowdowns and everything just zips along and I'm willing to sacrafice the lack of multimedia functions, not being able to edit docs which I never did. Its so strange an important feature like that would be left out on a device such as the BB.

But hopefully, the next OS would fix that issue. I can't say anything about the device itself but if it's running the same OS as the Q I'd venture to stay away from it.

I mean my Q didn't even have a copy and paste feature! Contact Us - BlackBerryForums. Add Thread to del. Page 1 of 2. West Warwick, RI Model: They're both great, and you can't go wrong, but I thought the Blackjack was much more user friendly: I haven't had any trouble with the Blackjack camera -- I just got back from vacation and took a lot of great shots.

I even made a video that turned out great. Good luck with whatever you choose! I've only played around with this phone about 15 times probably about 5 minutes each time, my best friend has it, not me but it's extremely easy!

Yes, it does have multimedia messaging. I purchased the Blackberry Curve this weekend. And I like it already. Haven't even had it for per week but. It's battery lifestyles is well and I do not even have got to log on to investigate my e mail.

I find it irresistible. I don't have ether one but I think the blackberry curve is great. I've been looking it up. Blackjack II or Blackberry Curve ? Curve vs Blackjack II vs blackberry vs wait for the fabled curve ?

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