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Roulette is a fun and simple game that is synonymous with casinos around the world. The OMG croupiers were really fun and yet professional. Not only for the birthday boy Our Fun Casino lasts for two hours. All of my guests remarked on what a brilliant time they had. He ought to know: This is when the fun begins!

Let’s get this Casino party started!

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We don't use real money! Our Fun Casino lasts for two hours. The casino finishes on a great crescendo with everyone roaring on friends, colleagues and relations. You may wish to provide a prize for the winner — anything from a bottle to a voucher to a break! Guys, Girls, the young and the young at heart. Everyone will have a ball. It's totally unique and so simple. Your guests will be amazed and captivated.

Don't worry, our Croupiers are there to help your guests get the most out of the games which are very easy and will ensure that everyone joins in the fun.

We will introduce everyone to the games, encourage everyone to play and keep the night rolling. This is when the fun begins! Each player will then be asked in turn if they would like any more cards. Once all players have been asked, the dealer will then deal herself cards. Are you a winner or Loser!! Casino Stud is played at a table similar to blackjack. The attraction of the game is the high pay-off if you catch a good hand which qualifies.

The dealer requires Ace, King or a higher ranking hand to qualify, if not she will pay all the ante bets, not bad! This is when the excitement begins, is the dealer playing or not! Craps offers fantastic odds - It is also one of the most exciting casino games with the fastest action and the most noise with players shouting, chanting and cheering.

If you already have some knowledge or know what you're doing, you should go straight to the Craps table. Craps is played with two dice, players bet on the outcome of the numbers thrown. The player throwing the dice is known as the shooter. Other players may place their casino chips on the table's layout and win or lose according to the numbers thrown by the shooter.

In every hand of texas each player will put money in the pot. Hold'em can be played with as little as two players going "heads up" , up to a max of eleven players. In this game, the players each start with two cards and are up against the dealer, who has just one card. Each player is asked if they would like to draw any more cards — there is no limit imposed as to how many cards a player can have.

All a player needs to remember is that an Ace can count as 1 or 11 and a picture card counts as Casino stud poker is one of two main forms of the game in the casino. This variant does not pit the players against each other as, instead, they are looking to outscore the dealer.

Casino stud poker is played at a table reminiscent of the one used in blackjack, requires the dealer to hold an Ace, King or higher to qualify. In the case that the dealer does not qualify, all ante bets are paid out.

Each participant then makes their move, choosing whether to fold or continue playing. Should players continue playing, they must double their original bet.

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