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So, get your feet wet with these 5 Zumba workout videos that are guaranteed to make you get up and dance! Getting Zumba DVDs can allow people to learn the art of Zumba themselves, getting all of the health and fitness benefits in the process. This girl wastes no time! People have already decided that Zumba is the right exercise for them. Zumba can allow people to improve their cardiovascular fitness, tone their muscles, and lose weight. Naturally, all of these workouts are going to get people sweating, toning their muscles, and burning calories.

6. Zumba Exhilarate Workout

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This extensive system is a 4 DVD set that consists of six full zumba workouts that cover literally every part of the body. The routines have been designed to be easy to follow, so are suitable even for those who are brand new to zumba.

Besides the DVDs, this set also includes toning sticks that contribute to adding resistance training to the workouts - resulting in stronger muscles and faster fat burning. With an emphasis on keeping zumba interesting and exciting while bringing about best fitness and weight loss results, the Exhilarate Body Shaping System gives you more than thirty rhythms to follow, plus a breakdown of how to do the basic steps for each workout.

The 20 minute Rush workout is designed to get you sweating fast, while the longer 60 minute full Exhilarate workout covers all the best zumba moves. Consisting of five DVDs and seven workouts, this is a complete collection that is for those who want to transform their entire body, and are committed to following along for the entire system.

The Zumba Rizer platform is included in the package, and made use of throughout the workouts by taking step aerobics to a new level. There is much variation throughout the workouts, with Quick Start and 20 minute Express routines set alongside a Dance Party disc, and a short but intense workout that focuses on the ab muscles. This incredibly popular DVD set features easy to follow step by step workouts, so is suited to beginners as well as those who have been doing zumba for some time.

There are cardio and toning workouts included in the program as well as a bonus healthy living guide book and Zumba toning sticks that are incorporated into the workouts for extra resistance and variety. As the title suggests, this DVD is all about strengthening and toning the legs and abdominal muscles. The routines have been designed to target these specific areas with an intense 26 minute workout.

Useful for weight loss and body shaping, this DVD is ideal to use as a part of a more extensive Zumba routine when combined with other DVDs which target other areas of the body. Described by one user as a fun and easy workout, this DVD is also described as a "full length fitness party experience" - combining fun with fitness in a one hour long workout that can be completed several times per week to provide an all over body workout, or combined with programs from other quality Zumba DVDs in the series.

This live fitness concert makes you feel that you are really there, and it lasts for more than an hour so will leave you sweating and feeling like you've spent hours in the gym just considerably more exciting! The high energy routines include exotic rhythms with international flavors, providing one of then more unique Zumba fitness experiences.

Zumba Arms Workout by Carla Zumba If you feel like you need a little more energy after the second video while still toning your arms, then watch this short video from Carla. Any Zumba instructor who gets thousands of hits without putting in her last name deserves a nod! It tones the arms without neglecting the energy and your cardio. Carla still incorporates jumps, bounces, and changes in positions so that you get the maximum burn for a short amount of time. Remember that this video is best for mid-level Zumba students.

This is a guaranteed calorie burner Diva Den Studio left a lot of space for some free styling. Be creative and add your own flavor to the dance!

The dance is sexy without being too highly suggestive Even if the whole dance is fast-paced, it only has a few base movements. Her Zumba workout videos are relatively new.

This one in particular is just a little over a month old. People who are just beginners to the program, for instance, need to get the DVD sets that are intended for beginners. The best Zumba DVD set for one person might not be the best for another person.

However, the set that has the most versatility in terms of the workouts that it offers is going to a better set overall. Even people who have a lot more experience with Zumba can get something out of a workout video set that offers a diverse array of exercises.

People of all fitness levels need DVDs that do offer a diverse array of exercises, since they will get diminishing returns when it comes to fitness if they only use a narrow range of different exercises. The best DVD sets in this category will allow people to advance without having to purchase any additional new sets. They will already have a level of gradation, allowing people to advance from the basic to the harder steps within the exact same set of DVDs.

Really, twenty minutes is a fairly minimal aerobic workout, and many of the best fitness DVDs provide longer workouts. Naturally, the presenters of the DVDs need to have the right qualifications. They need to be skilled at demonstrating the fitness routine in question. Charismatic instructors are going to keep people coming back for more, which is essential for any and all fitness regimens. However, they still need to be good at explaining the nature of the workout and the steps.

They need to be effective teachers. The great thing about selecting fitness DVDs in a particular niche, such as Zumba, is that some of the work has already been completed, however.

9. Zumba Beginners and Advanced 2 DVD Set