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Based on the story of the MIT blackteam, that successfully won millions card counting. It's not enough to know how to count cards. He is considered one of its greatest contributors both in his contribution to theory and publishing. Compared to Las Vegas Blackjack Diary the reading is lighter and more entertaining. Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the tree that was cut down to make this book.

2. Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson

A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street

It's a clever thematic gimmick, but don't let that fool you. It's an incredibly practical book and one that we've referred to constantly during our career as gamblers. This book explains some of the more interesting advantage play techniques we discus on this site, too, including shuffle tracking. He covers multiple counting systems, too, including:.

Its goal is to teach you how to get an edge over the casino without having to count card. The way to do that is to find good single deck games and play with perfect basic strategy. The edge you get from such a strategy is small, but it will make you a winner in the long run if you're good at it. Unlike many other blackjack books, Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter includes information about playing blackjack online.

The Big Book of Blackjack is one of the first books on the subject that we recommend to anyone who asks us how to get started. It's well-written enough to be easily understood by the novice, but it also includes enough information that you can use it to get a profit and even become a professional. It has 27 chapters, many of which are interesting for their insights into the history of the game. Blackjack Secrets is a good book if you're just getting started, but once you've become proficient, you'll probably be better served by some of the other books on this list.

Some of the information in this one, as with many of the books on our list, is outdated. That doesn't make the book useless, but some discernment is necessary. The book covers the Hi Lo counting system in detail. It also includes details about how to practice most effectively. A Winner's Handbook includes information about how automatic shuffling machines affect the game.

It also explains why counting cards sometimes doesn't work. Unlike most of the other books on this list, Patterson's opus includes a section on Internet gambling, although some of the details in that section are out-of-date, too. We enjoyed his observations about how to learn more about the game using informational websites, too. The bankroll management advice is excellent. We love learning practical techniques to improve our mental discipline. Finally, we enjoy books which provide advice on HOW to practice.

It's not enough to know how to count cards. You need a practical strategy for improving your skills. Sklansky Talks Blackjack is our favorite blackjack book.

He's as straightforward and entertaining in his discussion of the game as any other author on this list. But what we enjoy most about this book is his total-by-total analysis of how to play every possible hand. He explains the math behind the correct decisions in a way that makes sense to even the most math-challenged reader.

He also explains how to use the Hi Lo count, which is good enough for most players. If you've read his poker books, you know what Sklansky is like. If you haven't, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about David Sklansky and his approach to gambling.

Play Blackjack Like the Pros is the beginners' guide to blackjack and card counting that we wish we had written. Blackwood is one of the clearest and most entertaining writers on this list. It's an uncomplicated approach that we envy and try to emulate here on our site. He starts from the beginning by explaining in detail how the game works and how to use basic strategy to reduce the edge. Then he explains how to count cards. This is the perfect blackjack book for beginners.

Advanced Advantage Play is one of the newest and most up-to-date books on this list. We wish it were available for the Kindle, but it's not-you have to buy it in paperback if you want to read it.

Advanced Advantage Play covers more than just blackjack. It also includes information about casino promotions and getting an edge at other games. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas is subtitled: This could be considered a sequel to Andersen's book Turning the Tables on Las Vegas, which was all about how to conduct yourself in the casino while winning.

That original book is one of the classics in the card counting literature. It isn't easy but if there were an easier way then everyone would be doing it. Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the tree that was cut down to make this book. At one time this was probably the best book on blackjack but it has since become dated.

Revere has the best treatment of the basic strategy I have ever seen and explains clearly and mathematically his argument that you can make a lot of money at blackjack. Many of the tables are in color, which makes memorization easier.

His book contains three count strategies but his more powerful Plus-Minus or Point Count you have to order separately. Every book by Wong is truly outstanding but Professional Blackjack is his best, in my opinion. In the back are several appendices of interesting statistics. This book is not for the beginner but the gold standard on card counting.

This is everything you could ever need to know about Spanish 21, and Pontoon, as it is called in Australia. Included is a detailed card-counting strategy, the first ever in print for Spanish Despite the removal of tens, Spanish 21 is indeed countable.

Read the book, and play it now, before the other side reads it too. Just as the title says this book in on the theory of blackjack. The book is very mathematically advanced and presumes a strong background in card counting. For the casual player or anybody who hates math I would recommend lighter reading.

This book seems to be the most respected source of information on how not to get barred as counter. He also gives a good treatment of the mechanics of card counting, including his own strategy. This piece of garbage disgusts me. The entire book is an explanation of a worthless betting system. Norman Wattenberger has specifically shown that the system put forth is no better than basic strategy.

Frank Scoblete should be embarrassed for writing the forward. No nonsense and to the point. This is a well written book on the basics of good blackjack strategy. Silberstang takes you from the rules of the game to a simple count strategy.

For the person who needs the basics but not a lot of technical information or a powerful count strategy this book would be a good choice. This book takes the beginner slowly and easily through the basic strategy and rule variations. Although the title is rather pretentious there can be no serious debate that it is one of the best blackjack books on the market. It packs a great deal of information in its pages and word for word is a good buy.

The book explains from the basic strategy, to the Hi-Opt I count strategy. This book could be loosely described as a diary of a part-time blackjack player. Unlike most blackjack books, which are written by either great players or quacks, this one is by an ordinary counter.

In my opinion there was too much detail. Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe gives the most thorough treatment of basic strategy I have ever seen. It doesn't just throw a chart in the reader's face like I do but carefully explains why every play is what it is and the cost of not playing "by the book. The author, Jeff Oxley, pays a great deal of attention to detail and documents every bit of advice with the math behind them.

I would say this book is targeted to people of above average intelligence but unfamiliar with the basics of blackjack strategy. Overall, a great piece of work! Wizard of Odds uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. More Info Got It! Enter your email address below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter along with other special announcements from The Wizard of Odds!

The Wizard of Odds. Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong The book is a study of the basic strategy and the its adjustments under a host of different rules. Blackjack Autumn by Barry Meadow The story of one man's quest to count card at every casino in Nevada with at least one blackjack table.

Blackjack Blueprint by Rick Blaine This book looks at almost every angle you can use in blackjack including basic strategy, card counting, tournaments, shuffle tracking, team play, and cheating. The Real Deal by J. Blackjack is one of the simplest--and most challenging--games for today's gambler.

In this completely revised and updated edition of the classic guide, Jerry L. Patterson, author and gambling expert, shares winning strategies that can help you beat the odds--whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro. Packed with new information and tried-and-true strategies, this book gives you everything you need to know to find the winning edge--from card counting to playing at Internet casinos.

Brooklyn-born Einiger is a tournament champion, having won the World Series of Blackjack on national television. Einiger takes you through the basic concepts can make you competitive in blackjack tournaments providing everything you need to become a winner. Includes page listing of casinos in the U. A Winners Handbook by Jerry Patterson. Ken Uston on Blackjack by Ken Uston. He had the distinction of being barred from a number of casinos and used facial disguises to get into action.

This book divulges Uston's priceless playing secrets. Read a review of Ken Uston on Blackjack. The information here has never been made available to the general public in the past. Till now, it's been the domain of casino surveillance experts Casino execs will find a wealth of information on how their dealers might do them in.

Knock-Out Blackjack by Olaf Vancura. Knock-out Blackjack is an excellent book for any player looking or one of the easiest and strongest professional-level systems ever published.

According to the authors, the scientifically devised Knock-out count can be used profitably anywhere blackjack is played.

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