NBA Finals Game 3 | Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers

In fact, when they won the championship in , it had been 40 years since they their last NBA Finals appearance. He deleted the tweet pic. After a long regular season and playoffs, we're back once again to find out who will win the NBA Finals. As in the past four years, the NBA championship matchup is between the same two heavyweights: But you have a sense if there are more opportunities — to play and to make an impact — he'll be prepared. The Warriors also play fantastic team basketball. If you like watching the best all-around player in basketball, look no further that Lebron James.

There's No Surprise In The NBA Final Teams, But There's Still Lots Of Excitement

What time is Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals?

Despite his horror night, Curry shook off his shooting slump when the Warriors needed it, hitting a layup and a wide open three to turn a deficit into a lead with 2: James hit a three-pointer to make it before Durant fed Andre Iguodala for a dunk and then dropped in a footer. Kevin Durant 34 points, 13 rebounds, five assists was unstoppable as the Warriors turned a seven-point deficit into a five-point lead midway through the quarter.

But his support act was a surprise. Centre JaVale McGee continue his surprise run after being inserted into the starting line-up for Game 2 by scoring eight points in the first three minutes of the quarter.

LeBron James 21 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds had to rely on his teammates to keep the margin close as the Cavs trailed with a quarter to play. James has to take that challenge defensively or this series is over. It looks like Dan Gilbert was complaining about the lack of fouls for the Cavs at the half.

He deleted the tweet pic. The first half showcased the talents of two of the best basketballers in the world as James 14 points, nine assists, six rebounds drove Cleveland to a lead. It was as large as 13 points during the second quarter as Kevin Love 15 points, 10 rebounds , JR Smith 10 points and Rodney Hood six points, in his first meaningful minutes in the series also fired for the home team.

But whenever it felt like it was getting out of hand Durant 24 points, eight rebounds was there to step up for the Warriors. LeBron and KD go head to head. LeBron James produced a highlight reel play in the opening minutes of Game 3 to get the Cleveland crowd rocking. JR Smith was also feeling good, putting his nightmare trip to Golden State behind him by scoring seven early points to push Cleveland to a lead.

On April 10, Cook took a big step toward long term. He signed a two-year contract with the Warriors. The Warriors assembled for Media Day before the Finals, and Cook handled his duties like a veteran — whether it was recording a promo for the Cartoon Network, or joking with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But I just don't want to be here. I want to win. And despite the tearful draft night three years ago, and the roller-coaster ride since then, Cook says he's glad it went the way it did. You can do nothing but get better. Cook's post-season learning curve has been steep at times. In the Western Conference finals against Houston, Cook missed a potential game winning shot at a crucial moment, in what turned out to be a Golden State loss. In the first two games of the Finals, he's played a total of three minutes.

But you have a sense if there are more opportunities — to play and to make an impact — he'll be prepared. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. He can do everything. He'll pass, shoot, block, defend, pull rebounds and dunk and he's consistent from game to game. And in the playoffs, he takes it to an entirely different level, averaging nearly a triple-double a game, justifying why he's known as The King.

The team also has backing talent with the sharp-shooting Kyle Korver and streaky J. Though Smith isn't consistent, when he gets hot, he can take over a game with a rain of three-pointers even the Splash Brothers would envy. The fact is, though they made it this far, these guys are the underdogs going into this series and not everybody loves that Durant joined up with an already-stacked team last year.

If you like Lebron or just want to see the favorites go down, the Cavs are who you should be rooting for. Start looking immediately for sports bars in your area that will be showing the game or bug your friend that hasn't cut the cord. But if neither of those are an option, there are some options you can take to stream the NBA Finals without a giant sports cable package. Follow the team Twitter accounts, which are warriors and cavs.

Those accounts will get you team-specific video highlights, commentary and stats during the game and a fan-centric experience. During the regular season, you can follow players for their unique perspective on playing pro basketball, but during the playoffs and championship, many players avoid social media in order to concentrate on the game. For a couple guys that are a little more likely to tweet, try J. For finals recaps and analysis, you could watch the commentary on television after the game, obviously, but there are a few more places that might be more to your speed.

While you'll get the general overview from the telecast, these sites are where you'll find in-depth analysis from fans like you. If you're a regular fan of the team, you can also join up and take part in extensive discussions during these finals, the upcoming off-season, and into the regular season next year and beyond. The beauty of Reddit is you can always jump in game threads, catch up with the latest memes and post-game analysis without actually having to contribute.

Wait, it's the Warriors and Cavaliers again?