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They also have some great bonus offers to boot. Off-track betting companies may also spread action over the Internet and on mobile apps. Games may be held no more than every other day, except on weekends. Until things change legally however, players will need to continue gambling at the offshore gambling sites. If you understand the legal status of betting in the state, and precisely what is and is not legal, you can confidently determine your best course of action. West Virginia offers multiple forms of legal gambling entertainment, along with some restrictions worth taking note of. All state based gambling that takes place in West Virginia must be licensed and regulated by the state.

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West Virginia Gambling Laws

For we are going to be introducing you to many casinos and casino game you can play in one of the many land based casinos that are in West Virginia. We are also going to be introducing you to both online and mobile casinos and as such if you are thinking of playing those types of casino games available on your PC or mobile phone or tablet device then you should read on too!

However, keep in mind that every single US State will have its own laws and regulations surrounding gambling in the State boundaries and as such some additional information you will find list below are the current laws sounding casino gaming in West Virginia, but one thing will be guaranteed if you are visiting West Virginia and that is you will have more than enough bricks and mortar land based casinos to visit and play at! West Virginia is in regards to size the 41 st largest US State and is a total of 24, total square miles in size and if you wish to gamble at a casino either an online or in a land based casino in any US State and you are from West Virginia then you have to be over the age of 21 to be able to legally do so.

West Virginia is known by the abbreviation of WV and its date of statehood was back in the year the current capital city is Charleston which became the capital city in the year There are land based casinos in this US State and you will also be able to play online casino games at one of many different online casino sites too.

The gambling laws in West Virginia are just as strict as in any other US State, and one thing that you will need to be aware of if you do intend to gamble in any casino when visiting West Virginia is that you have to be over the age of 21 to do so. All casino games offered to players in West Virginia have to be fair and completely random, and there is of course a complaints procedure that you can go through if you experience any problems with any licensed casinos in West Virginia.

Also be aware that online casinos that you can access in West Virginia will be licensed in offshore jurisdictions, the gambling jurisdiction that licenses each different casino site will be indicated on each casino website.

In West Virginia there is one agency that oversees and regulates gambling activities in that US State and those agencies are the West Virginia Lottery for more information on how they do regulate, license and oversee gambling activities in this State please check out their respective websites for more details. If you live in West Virginia and you feel that you may have a gambling problem or are not in control of your gambling activities then you will be best advised to seek help and support from West Virginia Gamblers Anonymous who offer free and confidential advice and support to anyone with or who is affected by any type of gambling addiction problem.

As you are only ever going to be able to play real money casino games at an online or mobile casino site when you are in West Virginia then you may as well give some of them a try for you will be pleased to learn that you can test out any of the casino games on offer for free at our featured casino sites.

If you however do fancy playing online or mobile casino games for real money, then also do keep in mind that there are some very generous bonuses you can claim too so make sure you do claim as many of them as you can do for the maximum playing vale out of your bankroll! We shall now move onto answering a few of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to play casino games in the US State of West Virginia but have never done so before.

Watch the above live slot play video of the Da Vinci Diamonds slot in full flow as you will then be able to judge for yourself whether you do like the way high stake slots have been designed and how they play and pay out too, and we think you will like them! Are casinos on public transport routes? To learn more about the laws and legalities surrounding online casinos that accept Virginia players, keep reading below or jump to the bottom of this page to see the actual casinos.

Land-based gambling sites are virtually non-existent in the state, with the exception of a couple of horse tracks. This leaves Virginia residents with few options to enjoy casino style games. Virginia law does not specifically mention web-based gambling, so Virginia citizens can legally gamble at dozens of sites offering a wide array of the most popular casino style games.

Sites licensed in countries other than the U. We often review the best of these legal gambling sites, so watch for our recommendations. In The Commonwealth, online casinos are perfectly legal and safe. Virginia has no law preventing someone from gambling at an online casino, and no arrests have ever been made in Virginia for any crimes related to online casino gambling.

Virginia is not one of the eight American states with laws against online gambling, so the ultimate answer is that yes, online casinos are legal in Virginia. As for the safety of your investment, as long as you do business with an online casino that has a reputation of doing good business and a customer service department to answer your questions, you should feel as safe playing at Virginia online casinos as making any online transaction.

Online casino play in Virginia is fully legal thanks to a lack of anti-gambling laws on the Virginia state lawbooks. There are some restrictions on how you can fund online gambling accounts from the United States, but besides these financial trifles, betting at online casinos in Virginia is fully legal. And thanks to changes to gambling law, Virginians may soon have more options for playing their favorite casino games, thanks to state regulation that will tax online casino play and regulate online casino play in Virginia.

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