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I started at The two hands will have the same value of the original bet. The trainer already corrects you on mistakes, but I can see how some people may like an option to just see the best play beforehand. Another option which might be nice for the next version: Because this game is a trainer, it is up to you to add the cards and know whether you are allowed to split or double.

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But you can decide not to rely on chance, and opt for Even Money , where the payout will be guaranteed. It is often said that this option is especially great if you count cards. You can opt for giving up, not playing that hand, and you will forfeit half of the size of your bet.

That is suitable if you are afraid your loss is almost certain, and is an option for reducing that loss by half. The offer of surrendering will come immediately after the dealing, and before the check the dealer makes for a Blackjack. But if you opt for taking it, you must do that before you have taken other cards additionally to your first cards. Surrender Anytime enables your surrender, even after taking hits. The number of the cards that you have drawn does not matter here. The actions described above happen almost instantly, without many words said.

You must notify a dealer you are still learning, and your choices will be explained for you. Otherwise you will be treated like an experienced player.

When you get a matched pair, for instance, two Eights, two Kings, two Aces, it is your right to Split Pairs. Only one variation is possible, for unmatched Tens. The rule for Splitting is to have the exactly matching card number, regardless of the suit.

Examples of exact matches are: Split Pairs means you make one more bet, further to your first bet, and you bet an amount of the same size. When you place the second identical bet, and the two bets are side by side, the dealer knows you want to Split Pairs. The cards will be split for you into two hands; each will have one card and one bet.

For each hand, you will play individually. When you are Doubling Down on a matched pair, it is good to show clearly your intention to the dealer, lest the dealer assumes you are Splitting. Your placing the additional bet over the first one is a sign you are Doubling Down.

You can also show Split intentions, by putting them side by side. Sometimes a Blackjack is not counted Blackjack. There are instances in which a Blackjack will not be taken as Natural 21 , for example, in the event you Split a Pair, and, then, get a Blackjack.

So its rank will be lower than that of a Blackjack when you are dealt. The common payout on split Blackjack is 1: The rules vary with the diverse tables. Doubling Down is achieved when you put another bet, of identical same amount, alongside your first bet. Then one more hand will be dealt for you, for the hand currently on.

There are different rules for Doubling Down in different casinos: You may do it on any hand total, or only on a hand totaling a specific amount. You may be able to Double Down after Splitting Pairs. Above we have mentioned Late Surrender. You will give up, you will lose half your bet, and will not take hits. If another hand is remaining, the game will go towards it, or else move towards the next player. After all the options have been offered, you must Hit or Stand.

Hit is taking another card, Stand is not taking more cards, just going on with your hand. Hit is also called Draw. When your total is under 12, there is a risk for you of Busting , or going over 21, for each Hit.

When you opt for Busting , you will lose the hand, your bet, and, too, your cards will by rule go to the dealer. Before a Hit , think what your winning chances are, whether there is a likelihood of winning as your hand stands, or it is better to consider getting a higher total.

The risk the dealer is faced with, of going Bust, is also present at all times. The dealer must proceed with the taking of hits, until he or she gets 17 minimum. With total 15 or 16, the big chance for Busting is present for the dealer, after taking a Hit. The cards taking by the dealer will stop, no matter whether there are Aces equal to 1 or Hit ting on Soft 17 means the dealer has 17, but should there be an Ace, it could be taken as less than Classic Blackjack Play our free blackjack game with classic blackjack rules, 4 decks of 52 cards and visible reshuffling.

Free Online Blackjack Variations. Vegas Strip Classic Vegas game with special traditional rules for blackjack. Perfect Pairs Variation of blackjack with a side bet on first two cards being a pair. Progressive Blackjack game with a side bet for a huge progressive jackpot! Pontoon English blackjack with own names for game options and special rules for Naturals, ties and doubling down.

Switch Blackjack variation with an extra option of switching cards between player's first two hands. Super Fun 21 Free online blackjack with extra special payouts on player hands of 5 or 6 cards.

If you are interested, my advanced card set includes them: I play blackjack for almost 16yrs and until now i cant win,no matter what i do i cant do anything. And most of the time i won the negative count of course i dont raise my bet because of — count thats horrible thing.

I always play DD deck blackjack can you tell me what to do in my this game easy and to bet the casino? Perhaps you are exaggerating your bad luck, but it is quite impossible to play beatable games with accurate card counting for 16 years and not be ahead of the game.

I was just on this site to look at some info Ken had about the Gamemaster in regards to a review of his book on Blackjack Forum. I saw your questions. First, there is NO one that can learn card counting in one day. This is not a quick, easy, get rich scheme. I have a question. Does anyone know of a website where I can learn quickly how to count cards? I was invited to go on a trip with some friends of mine and there will be some casinos there and I would like to make some cash to buy some drinks for them as an appreciation gift for inviting me.

The thing is that the trip is tomorrow and I am a little bit short on time. Later on I will read this lessons to become better at it. Usually the casino is using several decks so a few cards do not do much to change the odds.

The only way that can happen is if you have counted cards and it is getting close to the end of the shoe. For the Basic Strategy Engine, yes, the charts are optimized for the rules you pick. Similarly, in our Strategy Trainer, the advice is customized for the exact rules. However, it is true that the specific cards being dealt can change the optimal decision if you are able to take them into account. The easiest way to do that is to use a card counting system and strategy variation index numbers.

For a basic strategy player, the game should be played identically whether you are a heads-up against the dealer, or at a full table of awful players. Ive taught myself hi lo and advanced omega ii. Would you recommend me starting out on double deck or 6 deck shoes if I have yet to do this in a casino setting. Double deck with AOII is easier for me than hi lo with 6 shoes however I realize that the minimum bet is going to be higher in a double deck game.

What do you think is easier for a beginner. Double deck will be easier and far more profitable as well, as long as you can afford the bet limits. This is assisted greatly by the fact that you will need a far lower bet spread in 2 decks! Start with Hi-Lo, even at the double deck game. Only after at least a year of experience with Hi-Lo would I consider moving to a more complex count, and even then it may not be worth the extra effort and potential errors. The number of other players at the table or their ability!

Strategy, and expected results are unchanged whether playing heads up, or at a full table. The only difference is speed of the game, which will move a lot faster with fewer players. I assume you mean at online casinos. You need to look at the rule details instead. Definitely a lesson learned. My questions is, as the teachers and masters of this website. Yes, the potential is real and achievable.

Blackjack is just one of many ways that smart players can get a true edge in casinos. It remains the best introduction to advantage gambling. Almost all online blackjack games shuffle after every hand, making card counting useless. You can make money playing online, but the value comes from bonuses and promotions.

I went to casino yesterday, use basic strategy, I lost…. Shorter sessions will increase that, and varying your bets will also increase that at the expense of larger wins and losses. This sounds like a question that many people would be interested in. Can I still use counting card strategy recently? As there are many casinos use the continuous shuffler machine.

Even in casinos where some of the tables use a continuous shuffler, you will often find other tables that are either hand-shuffled, or use an automatic shuffle machine but with a normal discard tray. Hi there, I am very very new player…as I am interested in the game and learning basic, do some research. I wonder if there are many casino use the shoe to shuffle card or the continuous machine?

How about in Canada? I went to atlantic city and played for two days and I am happy to say that I won each day. Mixing up two systems when switching is very common if you have a fair amount of table time with the old system. Thanks for the report!

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